Store Hours : Tuesday through Saturday 10am-5pm

Closed : Sunday and Monday
 Do you have questions regarding something you would like to have framed? Go to our contact page and we will be happy to answer any inquiries, or e-mail us directly framing@abraxisdesign.com.

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 Abraxis Framing Co. is a custom frame shop located in the Auburndale section of Newton, MA.

Offering meticulous craftsmanship at affordable prices, Eric the framer will find unique and beautiful ways to frame your images, artwork, textiles,  3-D objects and more, while staying within your budget.

  If it's worth framing, it's worth preserving! There are many options available to archivally frame and  mount your objects.
  Whether you are getting ready for a gallery show or just need hanging hardware, Abraxis Framing Co. is prepared with supplies and solutions  for all your framing needs.


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